Rochester, NY Winter Engagement Session | Isa + Steve

It was Krakow, Poland! Steve had just gotten out of the Navy and was backpacking through Europe, Isa was studying abroad in Vienna and had a week off. Luck had brought Steve and Isa’s Hostels together for a day of … Continue reading

Rochester, NY Engagement Session | Brandon + Courtney

She was suppose to be going to a concert with her BFF. Her girlfriend’s brother was the opening act that night. Although the music was good, it wasn’t what caught her attention. By the end of the show Courtney had locked eyes with the drummer. Less than 24 hours later Brandon was texting Courtney and fate was about to take it’s course.

If you spend any amount of time with Courtney and Brandon you cannot help but smile. Their love is electric! Laughter, joy and playfulness encompasses them. Time passed quickly and Brandon knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that she was the one. Shortly after their year anniversary He got down on one knee and surprised the heck out of Courtney. Read about the proposal here

Brandon & Courtney I am so excited to share in this special time with you. I can not wait for your big day.

Rochester Engagement Session | Ashley + Jeff

Ashley and Jeff meet for the first time for lunch at the Sand Bar in Canandaigua, New York located at The Inn on The Lake. Right away the two could not deny the chemistry between them. What was supposed to … Continue reading

Durand Eastman Engagement, Rochester NY | Steven & Nicole

It was Eighth grade and time for math class. This was the scene where Nicole and Stephen first laid eyes on each other. The two instantly became friends as their best friends were dating and the four spent a ton of time together. That summer they decided to take their relationship to the next level. They dated for a few months and decided they were better off friends. While high school brought ups and downs, on’s and off’s to their romantic relationship, their ability to remain best friends never changed. Their days were filled with dances, a first kiss under the stars, and romantic gestures of flowers with teddy bears.

Soon it was time for college, and while they could not settle on a solid romance, they could not stay apart and frequently had to visit each other. Finally they decided to give each other another try. Fourth time is a charm, LOL. In April 2015 Stephen and Nicole purchase their home together. Not long after they adopted their dog Bo. On July 22, 2016 Stephen asked Nicole to take Bo for a walk with him. He wanted to go to the beach. Begrudgingly Nicole changed her clothes and agreed. After walking for a short while, Stephen sat down, he pulled out a photo book that he had made for Nicole. Photo books were not uncommon to them as they often made them to celebrate little milestones in the relationship. Nicole flipped through the book and coming to the last page she read “Will you marry me?” Stephen proceeded to one knee where he opened a box holding the most gorgeous ring. Nicole was breathless. A little ways down the beach stood their parents holding champagne. They celebrated a perfect commencement to a perfect friendship.

Nicole and Stephen will forever be joined next September.


Home Town Farm Engagement Session | Al & Scott | Medina, NY

She said yes for no other reason to finally appease him. After all Scott had been asking her out since the 6th grade.  Finally one Christmas night, in their home town, Al gave into Scotts request (only 17 years later) … Continue reading

Pittsford Canal | Dylan and Jamie | Engagement Session

It was February of 2013. Dylan and Jamie headed to The Scotland Yard Pub for a few drinks and to play darts. Their first date was extremely laid back and fun. Jamie still claims to this day she won the … Continue reading

Rochester NY Engagement Session | Attack of the Zombie | Jill + Ryan

Jill and Ryan are super fun and energetic. This crazy engagement session says it all about their personalities. I’ve had a blast getting to know these two and becoming friends with them. 5 days til the big day. Can’t wait!!!! XOXO #meetthetafts

Megan & Kyle’s E-Session

Wednesday I had the awesome privilege of photographing one of my friends engagement photos. Megan and I went to Lima Christian together and both were apart of the ever so crazy colorgaurd team. “Colorguard, SHOW ME THE COLORGUARD!” Ha….one word: MEGAPHONE! (sorry random flashback.) Anyways….Wednesday gave way to an awesome day. The sun was out, so rare in Upstate NY, we drove around Rochester hitting some great low key locations. Megan and Kyle thank you so much for allowing me to shoot your photos. You guys rock! I had so much fun. Hope you enjoy!