Home Town Farm Engagement Session | Al & Scott | Medina, NY

She said yes for no other reason to finally appease him. After all Scott had been asking her out since the 6th grade. 

Farm_engagement_session_rochester_buffalo_0025Farm_engagement_session_rochester_buffalo_0013 Farm_engagement_session_rochester_buffalo_0015 Farm_engagement_session_rochester_buffalo_0014Finally one Christmas night, in their home town, Al gave into Scotts request (only 17 years later) and the two went on a their first date. She looked him in the eye and gave him an out. She was very specific and insistent on her goals and expectations, but Scott did not flinch or backdown. Little did Alix know she would fall fast and hard for Scott.

Farm_engagement_session_rochester_buffalo_0016 Farm_engagement_session_rochester_buffalo_0018 Farm_engagement_session_rochester_buffalo_0017

This beautiful couple is goofy, crazy and full of life and laughter. You can see the truth in their eyes that love is about serving and fulfilling the other person, not yourself.

Farm_engagement_session_rochester_buffalo_0019 Farm_engagement_session_rochester_buffalo_0021 Farm_engagement_session_rochester_buffalo_0020

19 years after Al shot Scott down for the 6th grade Halloween dance, Scott would take another great risk. This time instead of passing her a note, he left one attached to their door. The note instructed her to watch the dvd in the player. The 20 minute video was filled with all the reasons why Scott loved her so much. At the end he instructed her to drive down to the waterfront in Old Town Alexandria. Scott was waiting at the end of the pier where he asked Al to be his forever. She said yes!

Farm_engagement_session_rochester_buffalo_0022 Farm_engagement_session_rochester_buffalo_0024 Farm_engagement_session_rochester_buffalo_0023

The amazing couple will tie the knot next August in Their home town of Medina, NY.

Farm_engagement_session_rochester_buffalo_0026 Farm_engagement_session_rochester_buffalo_0028 Farm_engagement_session_rochester_buffalo_0027

Al and Scott you are an inspiration and a joy. It was such an honor to be apart of your terrific love story. May the road ahead of you continue to be filled with life, laughter and joy. May you continue to be each others “breath of fresh air” when life becomes stale.

Farm_engagement_session_rochester_buffalo_0029 Farm_engagement_session_rochester_buffalo_0031 Farm_engagement_session_rochester_buffalo_0030

All my love! xoxo MK

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