Welcome Home Obi | Expanding Our Family

Last year we had to say goodbye to our beloved Austin. After 15 years of amazing friendship and loyalty my husband, Jeremy, had to have Austin put down. He was our boys first dog, watching the agony of your child saying goodbye to their beloved pet is the worst experience. Nothing I said could comfort the pain in my children’s hearts. From the first day of brining Silas home from the hospital, Austin stood guard at the foot of his crib. Wherever we walked with the baby, there he had to follow. He was so full of life and love, but eventually the year caught up with him. It hit us hard as his end came fast. Part of my husband thought it would never come.

MK1_6773 MK1_6775 MK1_6781

After a year, we decided it was time to add to our family again. This past Friday we adopted our lovable Obi. He was a rescue dog. Obi was found as a stray and surrendered to Rochester Animal Services. From the first moment we met him we knew he was the one. When Obi entered the room he ran right over to the kids and began licking them from head to toe. He has since made himself right at home. He has already taken over the boys beds, our laundry baskets, and the couch. lol Good to know he’s by no means shy.

DSCF3295 DSCF3297Welcome to our family Obi. You’ve already stolen our hearts.

DSCF3291 DSCF3302

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