3 Years and What I’ve Learned

As a wedding photographer you’re constantly exposed to nothing but happiness and the celebration of love. However as day to day reality sets in you learn that the joy of a wedding and the reality of marriage are two completely different things.

Three years ago I was blessed to marry the perfect man. Perfect, as in, perfect for me, he is by no means perfect. Neither am I. The Last three years have brought us extreme joys, trials and conflicts. It has made us stronger, taught us how to be selfless, how to serve the other, and above all the importance of open and honest communication. For me the biggest lesson I have learned is grace. Learning to daily give grace to my husband and give grace to myself.

Living side by side with a sinner is tough, your flaws are constantly out on display. But God is teaching me to take my hurts and disappointments to him. To forgive and love my husband with the same love and forgiveness Christ has given me. It’s not always easy, I love to prove my point and have the last word, but by the grace of God I’m learning to love with a meek and SOMETIMES quiet spirit…by sometimes I mean rarely ever. Lol But Jeremy keeps on loving me despite my flaws and I cherish him for that.

Jeremy I love you more than words can say. I love your love and dedication to our family and your endless service to us. Most of all, your growth and love for the Lord. Watching you change has been the biggest blessing. Happy anniversary love. Here’s to 3 years down and forever more to go!


p.s. thank you Hannah Betts for capturing such wonderful memories for us.