White House Lodge | Webster Park | Dan + Amy Forte’s Wedding

They hadn’t known each other that long, but they knew they were meant to be. After only a few months Dan proposed to Amy and they tied the knot on this past Memorial Day at the White House Lodge in Webster Park.

whitehouse_websterpark_wedding_0772 whitehouse_websterpark_wedding_0773 whitehouse_websterpark_wedding_0774 whitehouse_websterpark_wedding_0775 whitehouse_websterpark_wedding_0776 whitehouse_websterpark_wedding_0777 whitehouse_websterpark_wedding_0778 whitehouse_websterpark_wedding_0779 whitehouse_websterpark_wedding_0780

Their day was nothing less than perfect. The presence of the Lord was evident as well as his many blessings.There was not a dry eye, including the photographer…which is always dangerous. lol. At the sight of his bride, Dan burst into tears, He was overwhelmed with emotions. One glance at the groom, and best-man/brother, Jimmy burst into tears as well. The crazy duo wept while embracing each other as Amy was escorted down the aisle by her parents.

whitehouse_websterpark_wedding_0782 whitehouse_websterpark_wedding_0783 whitehouse_websterpark_wedding_0784 whitehouse_websterpark_wedding_0785 whitehouse_websterpark_wedding_0786 whitehouse_websterpark_wedding_0787 whitehouse_websterpark_wedding_0788

Dan and Amy wanted their ceremony to be filled with all things that would bring glory to their God. They started off with a beautiful reading. The magical couple took turns reading scriptures and promises to each other that would express their love and the grace of the Lord that they would strive to bring into their marriage. Dan and Amy further demonstrated their willingness to serve each other by participating in a beautiful foot washing ceremony.

whitehouse_websterpark_wedding_0789 whitehouse_websterpark_wedding_0798 whitehouse_websterpark_wedding_0797 whitehouse_websterpark_wedding_0796 whitehouse_websterpark_wedding_0795 whitehouse_websterpark_wedding_0794 whitehouse_websterpark_wedding_0793 whitehouse_websterpark_wedding_0792 whitehouse_websterpark_wedding_0791 whitehouse_websterpark_wedding_0790

The reception was simple elegance. The Lodge held a wonderful rustic feel that was displayed with fresh wild flowers, hand lettered signs, as well as carved wooden sculptures.

whitehouse_websterpark_wedding_0799 whitehouse_websterpark_wedding_0807 whitehouse_websterpark_wedding_0806 whitehouse_websterpark_wedding_0805 whitehouse_websterpark_wedding_0804 whitehouse_websterpark_wedding_0803 whitehouse_websterpark_wedding_0802 whitehouse_websterpark_wedding_0801 whitehouse_websterpark_wedding_0800

Dan and Amy, I was beyond honored to share in this amazing time with you. Thank you so much for allowing me the privilege of capturing these precious memories for you. As you look at these images for years to come may you relive the love, joy and passion that you experienced in those moments. May the Lord continue to bless you, grow and strengthen your love for him as well as each other.

All my love!


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