Makers Gallery Winter Wedding | Rochester, NY | Jay + Amanda

Amanda and Jay have a beautiful love story. After years of a long distance relationship, they could not handle it anymore. Jay proposed and they began planning the wedding of their dreams. However, as an active member of the Navy, … Continue reading

Strathallan Rooftop Wedding | Rochester, NY | Jenna + Jeremy

Jeremy moved here from California not knowing a soul, Jenna from Buffalo. Chance allowed them to be neighbors.  Jeremy’s dog Hailey brought them together for a conversation. What was a happy accident turned into five years of love, dedication, commitment, … Continue reading

Finger Lakes Hop Farm Wedding | Rob & Sarah

It was Hollywood’s finest moment only in real life. Sarah first met Rob while both working for USAID. Rob, on his 12th tour, was tasked as her protection while working in Afghanistan. The two hold a special and unique connection. … Continue reading

Shadow Lake Golf Club Wedding| Brandon + Courtney

Every detail was planned, The day had arrived. Courtney beamed as she walked into the church. There was no denying the day was going to be a dream come true.

It was Brandon’s home church. He had literally grown up there. Pastor Ray, who officiated the ceremony, dedicated Brandon when he was just a baby. Everyone was overjoyed!

The music started and a beautiful bride made her way down the long aisle. The groom could not hold it in. Pastor Ray moved close, put his arm around Brandon, and the flood gates opened.

Their beautiful reception took place at the tranquil Shadow Lake Golf & Racquet Club. The evening was filled with joy, and celebration all night long.

Brandon and Courtney, may God grant you grace, strength and love to walk through life every day together.




New York Wine & Culinary Center | Finger lakes Wedding|Ashley & Jeff

She was exquisite! Timeless! A fairy tale princess every girl dreams of. She glowed with absolute brilliance and the look on her prince’s face can not be described with words. Ashley and Jeff had the perfect wedding day. The union … Continue reading

Winter Beach Engagement Session | Rochester, NY | Chrissy & Todd

Right from the start I could tell Todd and Chrissy had a special energy about them. They love to mess with each other, play together and laugh. A good time is not something they need help with. Chrissy met Todd … Continue reading

The Wintergarden by Monroes

I was asked before Christmas to come photograph the beautiful decor and atmosphere at Monroe’s newest wedding venue…The Wintergarden. Kathy and her team always put on an amazing event! I am excited for this new journey for them and to capture some amazing memories for our brides at this elegant space. Enjoy!


Rochester, NY Engagement Session | Brandon + Courtney

She was suppose to be going to a concert with her BFF. Her girlfriend’s brother was the opening act that night. Although the music was good, it wasn’t what caught her attention. By the end of the show Courtney had locked eyes with the drummer. Less than 24 hours later Brandon was texting Courtney and fate was about to take it’s course.

If you spend any amount of time with Courtney and Brandon you cannot help but smile. Their love is electric! Laughter, joy and playfulness encompasses them. Time passed quickly and Brandon knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that she was the one. Shortly after their year anniversary He got down on one knee and surprised the heck out of Courtney. Read about the proposal here

Brandon & Courtney I am so excited to share in this special time with you. I can not wait for your big day.

Happy 2nd Birthday to a Smooch

My sweet boy, today you turn two. I can not believe how fast the time has gone. I have tried my hardest to hold every little moment in my memory.

You are truly the greatest gift the Lord has granted to me. This year has been amazing on so many levels. You have learned to walk, run, jump, climb out of your crib…no more crib *sniff sniff. You learned to talk, color, dance…so many things in just one year. You are so full of life. So full of adventure. You test and try me everyday, and out of love I try my hardest to set boundaries for you, to teach you, train you.

Every night I thank God for you. I Pray that he will capture your little heart, even now, this very moment. I ask him to protect you from yourself. I ask that you grow deeply in love with him. I pray your passionate soul and stubborn will can be used greatly by him. You are so strong my little one. Such a blessing.

I know I fail you daily, but your sweet smile and laugh, give me assurance that my love for you outshines my failures. I can not wait to see what new adventures you will conquer this year. You bring such joy to our family. You have completed us and knit us close together.

Daddy, Kaiden, Ezra and I love you! Happy Birthday Smooch!


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The Erie Grill | Engagement Session | Rochester, NY | Joe & Alex

Their date had been held for months. Specifically choosing January for their engagement session, Alex and Joe longed for beautiful, white snow. Normally in snow in January for upstate New York is a given. This year, however spring like conditioned, … Continue reading