Corbett’s Glen Nature Park | Rochester Engagement Photos | Alexis + Brett.

Alexis first met Brett at a Halloween party during their junior year of high school. He was dressed to the nines like Joker, Purple suit and green hair. As most “love at first sight” stories go, Alexis wanted nothing to do with him, but Brett eventually wore her down. Alexis gave him a shot, and for the next four years, he would be her boo.

College, unfortunately, had other plans, and the high school couple went their separate ways. Alexis stayed in Rochester while Brett made his way to The Big Apple. After almost four years of separation, Alexis decided to reach out to Brett during a visit to NYC. They reconnected, and it wasn’t long after Brett made his way back home that these star-eyed lovers picked up where they left off.

Knowing he needed to nail this girl down forever, Brett schemed a play using Alexis’ family to keep her distracted. At the same time, he and their pup Rory decorated their backyard with string lights, roses, and a candlelight pathway leading to forever.

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