Historic German House Wedding| Rochester, NY | Matt + Laurisa Liquori

Food: https://www.juliakcaters.com/ Church: https://www.graceroadchurch.org/Bakery: https://www.shellssweets.com/ Venu https://www.juliakcaters.com/ DJ: https://www.facebook.com/Clear-Site-DJ-JEF-427859057781017/ Dress: https://dearcleo.com/ Tux: https://www.tuxedojunction.com/ Hair: https://www.facebook.com/beautifulmomentsofWNY/

Webster Park Proposal | Brandon + Courtney

To her it was a day like any other. Church, church summer picnic and then hanging out at Brandon’s house. She was hot, exhausted and just wanting to sleep, but her relentless friends forced her to participate in their Sunday plans. Reluctantly Courtney agreed. To no surprise their friends were of course “running late” so … Continue reading Webster Park Proposal | Brandon + Courtney

The Wadsworth Homestead | Geneseo NY | Samantha + Tom’s Wedding

The warm golden sun was shining brightly at The Wadsworth Homestead in Geneseo New York. Soon two souls from opposite ends of the country would unite. The groom awaited in anticipation. Trying desperately to focus on the tasks before him, but he was too busy bursting with excitement. Tom’s pacing was met with a moment … Continue reading The Wadsworth Homestead | Geneseo NY | Samantha + Tom’s Wedding

The Erie Grill | Engagement Session | Rochester, NY | Joe & Alex

Their date had been held for months. Specifically choosing January for their engagement session, Alex and Joe longed for beautiful, white snow. Normally in snow in January for upstate New York is a given. This year, however spring like conditioned, have graced us for the majority of the season. Lady Luck, however proved faithful and … Continue reading The Erie Grill | Engagement Session | Rochester, NY | Joe & Alex

Infant Session | Rochester, NY | Mr. Tanner Baby

I had an amazing time playing with Mr. Tanner and his beautiful mama the other day. Here is a little preview from our afternoon. Enjoy!