The Erie Grill | Engagement Session | Rochester, NY | Joe & Alex

Their date had been held for months. Specifically choosing January for their engagement session, Alex and Joe longed for beautiful, white snow. Normally in snow in January for upstate New York is a given. This year, however spring like conditioned, have graced us for the majority of the season. Lady Luck, however proved faithful and old man winter showered us with snow the night before. While the temperatures were freezing and frostbite was more than likely setting in, their love radiated with warmth keeping them cozy and cuddly.


Joe and Alex first met through their mutual friend Melanie shortly after high school. Over the past seven years the two kept in touch and grew into a deep, genuine friendship.


For the first time since the beginning Joe and Alex were both single. What was meant to be a dinner between two friends, destiny turned into a first date between future Mr. and Mrs. They sat for hours at The Erie Grill talking, laughing and just being real. They have been together ever since.


The bond Joe and Alex share is so beautiful. Doing the simple things together bring joy to their faces and completion to their souls. Even talking to Alex shows their depth…“The best thing about our relationship is we have genuinely cared about each other since the day we met, and that was 7 years ago and that hasn’t changed. We have been there for each other through heartbreaks and breakups throughout our years of friendship, I think that’s a thing that makes us stronger as a couple. Timing is everything.”


Joe and Alex as you continue on your journey of beginning your lives together I wish you all the best! I can not wait to see your dreams come true as you say “I Do” this coming fall.



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