Happy 2nd Birthday to a Smooch

My sweet boy, today you turn two. I can not believe how fast the time has gone. I have tried my hardest to hold every little moment in my memory.

You are truly the greatest gift the Lord has granted to me. This year has been amazing on so many levels. You have learned to walk, run, jump, climb out of your crib…no more crib *sniff sniff. You learned to talk, color, dance…so many things in just one year. You are so full of life. So full of adventure. You test and try me everyday, and out of love I try my hardest to set boundaries for you, to teach you, train you.

Every night I thank God for you. I Pray that he will capture your little heart, even now, this very moment. I ask him to protect you from yourself. I ask that you grow deeply in love with him. I pray your passionate soul and stubborn will can be used greatly by him. You are so strong my little one. Such a blessing.

I know I fail you daily, but your sweet smile and laugh, give me assurance that my love for you outshines my failures. I can not wait to see what new adventures you will conquer this year. You bring such joy to our family. You have completed us and knit us close together.

Daddy, Kaiden, Ezra and I love you! Happy Birthday Smooch!


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