Webster Park Proposal | Brandon + Courtney

To her it was a day like any other. Church, church summer picnic and then hanging out at Brandon’s house. She was hot, exhausted and just wanting to sleep, but her relentless friends forced her to participate in their Sunday plans. Reluctantly Courtney agreed. To no surprise their friends were of course “running late” so Brandon and Courtney proceeded on through the park without them.

Little did Courtney know her dear friends had been hard at work prepping the perfect spot where her world was about to change.

Brandon grabbed her and expressed his love. With a shriek and tears Courtney watched as a box was pulled from Brandon’s pocket and he dropped to one knee. Barely able to speak, she mustered up the words to say YES!

Congratulations Brandon & Courtney! Thank you so much for allowing me to share in this wonderful moment. All the best to you both…HAPPY WEDDING PLANNING!!!

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