Rustic Finger Lakes Wedding | Randy + Lindsay

The day was here. It was the day that had been anticipated by the bride for sometime. It was a day that was filled with bittersweet emotions.



Lindsay was overjoyed to have finally met her soul mate, but planning was held at an arms length with a bit of sorrow in her heart. Finally, the decision was made. The day that would begin the rest of their lives would be August 6, 2016, Her late mothers birthday. Amy may not be there in body, but in spirit, she was there for every moment of her daughters special day.


Lindsay and Randy had their small rustic wedding at a family home in Canandaigua NY. The barn nestled in the Finger Lakes was decorated with beautiful white chandeliers, old bottles, bistro lights, white picture frames and arrayed with elegant planters of flowers. Tree limbs were hung from the sides of the barn, the majestic horses peeked through the doors for a first hand look of the day’s events.


Amelia, Randy’s daughter, could not stop smiling and talking about “our wedding”. Her big eyes glared at the beautiful new member of her family. She stayed by Lindsay’s side for every step of the day.


The adorable new little family spent the night laughing, crying, dancing and embracing their closest friends and family.


Lindsay, Randy & Amelia, I pray the Lord will continue to bless your precious family, and marriage each and every day.



With all my love my dearest friend!



Hair & Make Up: Emily Chen & Megan Shapiro w/ Allora Salon and Spa
Flowers: Wegmans
Decor: The Bride


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