Rochester, NY Anniversary Session | Dan + Michele Miller

Forever is a long time when you say “I do!” Too often we have lofty dreams of a fairy tale wedding and a picturesque life with our soul mate. And then somewhere, sooner usually rather than later, reality sets in. Our partner is not perfect, life throws curve balls, and suddenly the “happily ever-after” turns into “irreconcilable differences.”


I have been out of school for many years, but I love to learn and to ask questions. One of my favorite things is to ask “seasoned” couples is how they have had a successful marriage and what advice they would offer to newly weds. I was blessed to spend a morning with Dan and Michele Miller. I have known the Millers for 25 years (SIDEBAR: I should not be old enough to say that!!!!) Over that time I have seen a consistent love and dedication both in person and over social media. Upon their recent celebration of 35 YEARS OF MARRIAGE, I wanted to know what kept them still in love with each other. They told me first and foremost, it was none other than the grace of God enabling them to love truly and deeply day in and day out. It was by Him and Him alone. Over the past 35 years they have learned the most important things are the little things “never go to bed angry, other wise it is a very long night. Always say I LOVE You. Kiss each other Goodnight. Hold each other as often as possible and keep dating. Never take each other for granted you never know what the day may bring. Think of your Spouse first, and ask each other “how may I help you today”, laugh often, write notes, have fun, and hold each other when someone is hurt…” Such wonderful, practical advice.


Dan & Michele (You will forever be Mr. & Mrs. Miller, lol) Thank you so much for your wisdom, display of loyalty and love, and willingness to fight for each other. Congratulations on 35 years of marriage. I wish you many many more.



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