Pittsford Canal | Dylan and Jamie | Engagement Session

It was February of 2013. Dylan and Jamie headed to The Scotland Yard Pub for a few drinks and to play darts. Their first date was extremely laid back and fun. Jamie still claims to this day she won the dart game. After a few dates the two of them kind of fizzled out of touch and stopped talking. Neither was really looking for a serious relationship. Village_Bakery_0902 Village_Bakery_0901

St. Patrick’s day rolled around and the two would cross paths at a mutual friend’s party. They started talking again and really hit it off this time. Dylan’s, witty humor, drive and musical abilities won Jamie’s heart. They have done everything together ever since.

Village_Bakery_0900 Village_Bakery_0903Jamie and Dylan bought their first house and love to travel, ski, hit up the lake and camp together. They are fun of life and laughter. You can see the joy that Dylan brings reflect in Jamie’s eyes. They are a match made in heaven.

Pittsford_Canal_0905 Pittsford_Canal_0904This past spring, the couple was on a wine tour at Niagara on the Lake. Jamie had a feeling he would pop the question. She did everything she could to find some solid evidence to support her suspicions. She even went as far and grabbing Dylan’s hand and “accidentally” brushing up against his pocket to see if she could feel a ring box. His pockets were, however empty. Bummed and annoyed, a disappointed Jamie continued on her way. A little later on friends asked them to pose for a photo. Before the photo was over Dylan had dropped to his knee and asked Jamie to be his.

Pittsford_Canal_0906 Pittsford_Canal_0909 Pittsford_Canal_0908 Pittsford_Canal_0907This fantastic couple will make their vows in July of 2016.

Pittsford_Canal_0910 Pittsford_Canal_0911Congratulations Dylan and Jamie. All my love, and best wishes for a beautiful dream day and dream life together.


Pittsford_Canal_0912 Pittsford_Canal_0915 Pittsford_Canal_0914 Pittsford_Canal_0913

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