Rochester, NY Winter Engagement Session | Isa + Steve

It was Krakow, Poland! Steve had just gotten out of the Navy and was backpacking through Europe, Isa was studying abroad in Vienna and had a week off. Luck had brought Steve and Isa’s Hostels together for a day of touring a local salt mine. They started talking and immediately clicked. The day came to a close and Isa was headed back to Vienna the following day.

Steve didn’t know where he was traveling to next, so Isa threw it out that he should travel to Vienna, not thinking that he would actually come. He showed up a few days later, and ended up staying for 3 weeks, and they have been together ever since.

Five years later, Steve asked Isa to marry him while laying in their back yard watching the solar eclipse. She was completely taken by surprise…and of course said YES!


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