Niagra Falls Proposal | Sam + Tom’s Highland Park Engagement Session

It was September 2010. Sam was a California native and Tom had roots in upstate New York. The two left their homes and headed off to Orlando, Florida with plans to participate in the Disney College Program.


Tom went to meet some friends out after work and met a stunning Samantha instead. Sam, at the time, could care less about Tom. She was single and did not have the idea of a relationship or guys on the brain. However after three months of Toms persistent attempts, Sam agreed to go on a date. Highland_ParkEngagement_Session_0028 Highland_ParkEngagement_Session_0030 Highland_ParkEngagement_Session_0032

Young and broke, Tom was not about to mess this date up. He decided to splurge on her and the couple headed to a local steakhouse. They still joke to this day, their male server had a huge crush on Tom and made it pretty obvious he was interested if Samantha wasn’t. Starving, Tom was relieved to see their meals arrive, only to find his portion size was enough for the first course. He laughed it off and continued with the evening. Filled with spontaneity, he did not disappoint. On the drive home the two noticed a run down amusement park and could not resist. They pulled over and spent time riding the sling-shot.

Highland_ParkEngagement_Session_0033 Highland_ParkEngagement_Session_0034

Time went on and Samantha followed Tom back home to Rochester New York. During a visit from Sam’s family this past May The two decided to travel to Niagra Falls. They wanted to give her family the royal tour. Sam was so caught up in the happenings she didn’t even realized Tom had fallen to one knee in front of her. When she finally noticed what was going on she was so filled with excitement that can’t even remember what Tom said or how he said it. Tom, on the other hand, spent the previous night rehearsing lines over and over in his head. When the time came, he was on the same page as Sam, he forgot everything he practiced and can’t remember himself what he said. They both were overjoyed and ecstatic.Highland_ParkEngagement_Session_0035 Highland_ParkEngagement_Session_0036 Highland_ParkEngagement_Session_0037

Sam and Tom I can not wait to capture your happy memories for you. I am beyond honored to share in your special story.



Highland_ParkEngagement_Session_0039 Highland_ParkEngagement_Session_0040 Highland_ParkEngagement_Session_0042

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