Durand Eastman Beach | Carlie + Calum Engagement Session

Calum and Carlie met while working  and attending Harvest Bible Chapel, just outside of Chicago. Carlie, originally from Rochester, serves as a worship coordinator at Harvest. Calum, also a worship coordinator, is originally from Scotland.

Durand_EastmanEngagement_Beach_0011 Durand_EastmanEngagement_Beach_0012 Durand_EastmanEngagement_Beach_0013

The perfect pair dated for a while, but thought it best to part ways and eventually broke up. However after some time Carlie and Calum decided they couldn’t be without each other and started dating again in January of this year. With only a few months of being back together Calum thought it was time. Durand_EastmanEngagement_Beach_0014 Durand_EastmanEngagement_Beach_0016 Durand_EastmanEngagement_Beach_0015

In the spring of this year Calum had a plan to propose to Carlie while riding on the Ferris wheel. The plan got thrown to pieces when the weather decided not to cooperate. Instead, Calum thinking quick on his feet, took Carlie to the top floor of the Hancock building in Chicago, the very place they had their first date. Surrounded by thick white clouds, Calum proposed and Carlie could not help but say yes.

Durand_EastmanEngagement_Beach_0017 Durand_EastmanEngagement_Beach_0020 Durand_EastmanEngagement_Beach_0019 Durand_EastmanEngagement_Beach_0018

Carlie and Calum, I wish you all the best as you continue to plan your lives together. May the Lord bless your wedding day and marriage abundantly.

Durand_EastmanEngagement_Beach_0021 Durand_EastmanEngagement_Beach_0022


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