Webster Park Engagement Session | Kara + Brad

Brad was a Marine stationed at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. Kara, lived in, their hometown of Rochester, New York. It wasn’t until September 3, 2011 that their paths crossed. Kara was to attend her dear friend’s wedding (aka Brad’s sister) after hearing many stories she finally had the opportunity to meet Brad. They hit it off and a month later began their long distance relationship. It was a year and a half before Brad would become discharged and return back to his home in Rochester, NY. Just in time for Kara to leave for Eastern University, located in Philly. Through long road trips, weekend visits and late night phone calls the couple endured.

Finally, Kara graduated and returned to Rochester, NY. For the first time in over three years the happy couple could enjoy their relationship from the same state.

After the long anticipated wait, on December 21, 2014, Brad proposed. He played it off as an evening to celebrate Kara’s graduation, but had a few tricks up his sleeve. Brad took Kara for a night of ice skating in Rochester. After pretending to adjust his skate, Brad fell to one knee, told Kara he loved her and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Without hesitation, he asked her to be his. Filled with joy and tears, she said yes!

Brad and Kara, I cannot wait to see how God unfolds the rest of your story. May you live out each day filled with grace, forgiveness, the ability to pick your battles and the mindset of always serving the other above yourself. xoxo

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