Makers Gallery Winter Wedding | Rochester, NY | Jay + Amanda

Amanda and Jay have a beautiful love story. After years of a long distance relationship, they could not handle it anymore. Jay proposed and they began planning the wedding of their dreams.

However, as an active member of the Navy, Jay received orders for deployment. They decided that it was time. Jay and Amanda bumped the wedding up a full year and with only three months planned a gorgeous candle lit, intimate ceremony in a loft style art gallery.

Everything shouted of their unique personalities. Amanda wore a gorgeous poof style cupcake dress wrapped in a pale pink tool. Jay’s one request was that pizza be served. so Mark‘s Pizzeria catered. Their wedding cake was topped with gold T-Rex, and dinosaur snow globes were the favors. The whole evening was filled with nothing but fun, laughter and joy.

Jay and Amanda may the Lord bless you and keep you. May he hold you tight and grant you an list love for each other. Jay thank you for your service and I pray you come home quickly to your beautiful bride. All my love XOXO MK

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One thought on “Makers Gallery Winter Wedding | Rochester, NY | Jay + Amanda

  1. As the Officient at this wedding, let me give you my highest recommendation. First, for the fine artistic quality of the work. Second for the wonderfully personalized nature of the entire collection. And last, for the virtually invisible way you conducted yourself at the ceremony. Never have I worked with a photographer who was more unobtrusive. Spectacular in every way. Hope we get to work together again sometime.

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