Ellison Park Engagement Session| Rochester, NY | Jamie + Alyssa

It was Freshman year, and love at first sight. Alyssa knew Jamie was the one, he on the other hand thought she was silly. Their young love started, but quickly fizzled out when the school year ended with their mutual schedule. Sophomore went by as the two furthered their academics apart, but by Junior year Jamie and Alyssa decided their flirtation was going to become official.

Jamie took Alyssa on their first date. They stared off at Olive garden and finished at McDonald’s with Shamrock Shakes for dessert…um yes please! They quickly became the perfect high school couple. Jamie an all out Athlete, and Alyssa a career cheerleader. She would wear his jersey and cheer, he wouldn’t miss her competitions. They walked hand in hand through the rest of high school. Graduation came and went, and regretfully so did their relationship. It was time for college and time to face the world on their own separate paths.


Little did Alyssa know that 2 years later Jamie was praying that they would get back together. She decided to wish him happy birthday through a Facebook message. The two couldn’t stop talking. They fell back in love and knew this was forever.

Ellison_park_engagement_session_0106 Ellison_park_engagement_session_0107

The months quickly went by and Jamie had enough. He planned a “date” night. He took Alyssa to Panzaris Italian Bistro in Corn Hill, and then for a romantic carriage ride through Ellison Park. Half way through the ride the carriage stopped. The lanterns were having electrical issues. The driver asked the couple to step out while he attempted to fix the problem. Alyssa began to walk away when Jamie grabbed her, turned her around and said ” I love you so much and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me Alyssa Damiani?” Ecstatic Alyssa said yes! The two high school sweetheart will tie the knot May 2017.

Ellison_park_engagement_session_0108 Ellison_park_engagement_session_0110 Ellison_park_engagement_session_0109

Alyssa and Jamie I am beyond happy for you and cannot wait for your magical day. All my love! xoxo, MK


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