Avon NY | Air Force Wedding | Rafael & Diana

The idea of a wedding had been nothing more than a dream for Rafael and Diana. Separated by 2 continents the love birds were at mercy of his leave being approved. They had their hopes up before, but being an Airman in the US Air Force, planning was made difficult. Finally, Rafael was able to text his beautiful fiance…he was coming home.

avon_innair_force_wedding_0808avon_innair_force_wedding_0809avon_innair_force_wedding_0810 avon_innair_force_wedding_0813 avon_innair_force_wedding_0812 avon_innair_force_wedding_0811avon_innair_force_wedding_0814 avon_innair_force_wedding_0815

With only weeks to plan Diana and her sister Angela jumped to the task and ran full force. Finally, Diana was going to marry her love.

avon_innair_force_wedding_0816avon_innair_force_wedding_0817   avon_innair_force_wedding_0818 avon_innair_force_wedding_0820  avon_innair_force_wedding_0819  avon_innair_force_wedding_0821avon_innair_force_wedding_0824avon_innair_force_wedding_0822 avon_innair_force_wedding_0823

Their day was perfect! God shined down with sun, warmth, family and close friends. The new Mr. & Mrs. Had a small intimate gathering in Avon. Their beautiful arch was set in a field for the ceremony.

avon_innair_force_wedding_0825 avon_innair_force_wedding_0835 avon_innair_force_wedding_0834 avon_innair_force_wedding_0833 avon_innair_force_wedding_0832 avon_innair_force_wedding_0831 avon_innair_force_wedding_0830 avon_innair_force_wedding_0829 avon_innair_force_wedding_0828 avon_innair_force_wedding_0827 avon_innair_force_wedding_0826

The reception was held under a white tent lined with hand made decor. Yellow and gray accents graced the white linens.

avon_innair_force_wedding_0836  avon_innair_force_wedding_0838avon_innair_force_wedding_0837 avon_innair_force_wedding_0839  avon_innair_force_wedding_0841avon_innair_force_wedding_0840

The newlyweds danced the day away with their loved ones by their sides.

avon_innair_force_wedding_0842 avon_innair_force_wedding_0849 avon_innair_force_wedding_0847  avon_innair_force_wedding_0843 avon_innair_force_wedding_0844avon_innair_force_wedding_0845avon_innair_force_wedding_0846

Diana and Rafael, Thank you so much for allowing me to share in your happy day. The love and steadfastness you share is moving. I pray the months will go by quickly and that you will be reunited again soon. Rafael thank you for your dedicated sacrifice and service to our country. My family is ever grateful!



Preparation: Avon Inn

Ceremony/Reception: Avon Wesleyan Church Four Corners Campus

Catering: Party Man Catering

Cake: Horizons at the Woodcliff Hotel & Spa

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