DIY Home Studio: Making the Most of What You Have.

I want to post this a few weeks ago when I was doing Silas eight month photos. Right before Christmas I noticed a lot of new moms doing their own baby photos. This season of life can definitely be difficult. Budgets are tight around the holidays. Budgets are even tighter with a newborn, so getting to a professional photographer is not always on the top of the priority list.

Hopefully these simple tips will help you capture beautiful photos in your own home while working with what you have.

First get out of the nursery…unless you have big bright windows. Find a well lit room in your house, preferably one with 2 windows placed closely together on each wall. You want to use a wall that is a neutral color (white, cream, light gray) these lend for the best color results. Bright colored walls can be super fun but I would recommend staying away from them.

Second don’t go crazy with props. Simple is always best. You want to focus on your child not the things in the background. For Silas I chose a simple wooden rocker in front of a white wall. I also selected a simple grey quilt for a second shot.

Third don’t be afraid to move around. You want to make sure that your child obviously is safe.  You do not want them to fall out of any chairs or roll off of the couch, but you yourself have to physically move your position. Get at the same level as your child, get above your child, get underneath your child these help provide different angles for a more sophisticated look. If you don’t have a zoom lens or the ability to zoom in on your camera then physically move yourself closer or farther away.
Fourth and final have fun! Happy shooting.

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