RIT Inn & Conference Center Wedding | Rochester NY | Bobby + Christine

It all started at Lima Christian School. Bobby and Christine were in the same class with the same interests. They shared a passion for sports, watched each other play every game, and they were both named the Athlete of the Year for their league. They constantly got in trouble during school for talking too much and laughing too loudly, to the point where the teachers separated them in class. They were known as the “perfect couple” and everyone knew they would one day get married. They were always best friends and finally one day in high school, that friendship turned into something more. They were walking in Tubbs Park in Lima, NY when Bobby asked Christine to be his girlfriend. They stayed strong together throughout high school and college. During a walk at Mendon Park, Bobby asked Christine to marry him. Without any hesitation, she said YES! On March 24th, 2012, Christine and Bobby  publicly announce their love for each other and started a new chapter of their lives together. May your love continue to grow as each day passes. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Nichols!

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