Finger Lakes Engagement Session | Kate & Stephen

I see many love stories in my line of work. Immediately I can usually tell the couples that have come to be and the ones who have been destined to be. Kate & Stephen could not have been more divinely appointed to each other. These two kind souls radiate a deep connection that is so hard to find.


In 2010 destiny allowed them to meet at a mutual friends house. Through out the course of the evening the two could not stop talking about their love for the great outdoors, specifically the Adirondacks. Kate would go on to talk about her families yearly camping trips and the SPECTACULAR cab they rented the previous year. Looking intrigued, Kate pulled up photos to show Stephen. A puzzled look appeared on his face, not the response Kate was hoping for. He looked at her, and then back at the photos. Looking back to Kate He said “That’s the cabin that I built with my dad!” Confused and not connecting the dots Kate replied with a “UH…NO…this is the cabin my family rented!”


Shocked and surprised, the two eventually accepted fates turn for the evening. They continued talking and a few months later while hiking Black Bear Mountain Stephen asked Kate to be first love.


Kate and Stephen continued to grow in their relationship, love for the outdoors and passion for the finger lakes. In August 2016 while hiking their first two high peaks, Stephen dropped down to one knee on the summit of Cascade Mountain at 4,098 Ft and asked Kate to Marry Him. She of course answered YES!


These two precious soul mates will make their date with destiny in the fall in their beautiful mountains….which seems only fitting!


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