Hindsight is 2015

Looking back over the last 365 days evoked a million different thoughts. I wanted to share my top 5 experiences that I found to be my wins.

1. Don’t Quit Your Day Job!
Irony is the word of my life. Every time I say “I’ll never!” Guess what happens…yup THAT happens. Well I said I would never stay at home and just days into becoming a new mom, I started begging and planning how to stay home with my little man. Being able to spend every moment with my son and experience every little milestone has been the greatest gift of my life.

2. Pursuing my passion again.
One of the conditions of leaving my “day job” was the stipulation that I would jump back into my photography. My wonderful husband pushed me to tackle my dream and come back full throttle. And while it was challenging to balance an infant, 2 school age children and practically a “re-launch”of my business, it was a challenge I needed and am grateful for having.


3. Learning contentment: Count my blessings, not my complaints.
Taking a pay cut and having more time on my hands allowed for endless moments of discontentment to roll in. I am a dweller and the moment a thought enters my mind, I can not let it go. One thing I am learning this year is to cultivate a consistent heart of thankfulness. It is a challenge and an ongoing battle to fight that little nagging voice. BUT by the grace of God, he is opening my eyes to all the abundant blessings he pours out on my family DAILY!


4. Joining D-group.
If I’m Being real than the truth is I don’t do social “church” things. Growing up in the church, especially as a pastor’s kid, has left me with a bad taste in my mouth. I have never cared what people thought of me and because of this it automatically gives me an “I’ll show you!” Attitude. I refuse to be subjected to people’s opinions of how I should or should not be conducting myself. Therefore I avoid “Christians” like the plague. And through “isolation” comes the hardening. With out constant fellowship comes no accountability. Without accountability comes slackness and excuses. I was dying and didn’t care.

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 9.39.39 PM

In October my girlfriend asked me to do a discipleship group with her and yes, I was skeptical, judgmental and carrying a straight up CRAP attitude. BUT through my repeated attendance the Lord used those ladies to begin softening my cold, stale heart. I’m learning what true Christian community is and what it means to do “life together” UNDER GRACE.

5. Brokenness and Revelation.
With D-group came the opportunity for a retreat. I didn’t really want to go but knew I desperately needed a break from my 24/7 mommy duties. I didn’t have the money, God provided. I didn’t want to leave my baby more than one night, my husband made me go. I went with attitudes of hostility and judgement, I left broken and in awe. For the first time in years I saw my savior. I saw the beautiful truth that had resurrected my soul years ago and the abundant grace that captivated my heart. I left with hope.


My year was not full of crazy excitements of finally attaining my big lofty goals. It was, however filled with many greatly needed baby steps to set me straight on my path. I am finally finding myself again as a creative, a mother, business owner and grace covered image-bearer of the most high. So looking back, I think I can successfully say 2015…#nailedit. I can’t wait to see what beautiful lessons and opportunities 2016 holds.


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