Bristol NY | USMC Family | The Morgans

In June my baby brother, sister-in-law and new nephew came to visit. It was such a wonderful time for my family. It was the first time we were able to meet little Benji. He was beyond perfect and instantly filled all of our hearts with love.

USMC_Wedding_Bristol_NY_0009USMC_Wedding_Bristol_NY_0010 USMC_Wedding_Bristol_NY_0008 USMC_Wedding_Bristol_NY_0007Dalton and his wife Stephanie are both actively serving in the Marines. They currently are stationed in California so unfortunately we don’t get to see them as much as we would like. September will mark their 1 year in the states. Before Cali they were both stationed in Okinawa, Japan for two years. Before leaving for the US they were married on the island. In March, their beautiful little boy was born. During their trip home, they asked if I would take their first family photos. I was so overjoyed and honored. There is nothing as special as the love that a new family shares.

USMC_Wedding_Bristol_NY_0006 USMC_Wedding_Bristol_NY_0005 USMC_Wedding_Bristol_NY_0004 USMC_Wedding_Bristol_NY_0003Dalton and Stephanie may the Lord continue to bless your sweet little family. Jeremy, the boys and I love you tons!
And thank you for all your service.

USMC_Wedding_Bristol_NY_0002 USMC_Wedding_Bristol_NY_0001xoxo,

MK, Jeremy, Kaiden, Ezra & Silas

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