New Face to the Team: Roseanna

2017 was the end of a fabulous decade. While I am super sad to see Amanda leave the team, I am super excited for the new face and fresh energy that is being brought to it.

I am so happy to introduce you to Roseanna. She has a great spirit, eye and is straight up ADORABLE!!!!

So on this Sunny Friday in January I say WELCOME Rosie! I can not wait crush this season with you.

Rosie Roseanna is living her dream! She is a wife, mother, sister and photographer. She’s the youngest of four sisters and has two beautiful and spunky girls of her own, Violet Amelia and Addilyn Meadow. She loves sipping a good cup of coffee while taking long walks around Target . Her love of photography started when her dad first handed her his Kodak camera, watching his passion ignited her own. Very young she discovered she had an eye for framing and angles. Weddings are a favorite to shoot. She loves finding those candid connections and capturing loving memories that last a life time. She says she looks forward to being part of a team with MK to expand her horizons and trade knowledge with other professionals. She believes team work makes us all stronger.


Girl We ❤ your work! Check out a few of her images below.

Lamberton Conservatory Engagement Session | Rochester, NY | Erika & Steve

  Erika had known Stevens family for years, though she had never met him. Like all good things that the new year brings, she met her soul mate at his families New Years Eve party. And like her instant connection … Continue reading

Rochester Engagement Session | Ashley + Jeff

Ashley and Jeff meet for the first time for lunch at the Sand Bar in Canandaigua, New York located at The Inn on The Lake. Right away the two could not deny the chemistry between them. What was supposed to … Continue reading

High Falls Engagement | Rochester, NY | Lisa + Andrew

Lisa and Andrew met 7 years ago at their mutual friend’s wedding. Last year they reconnected at the baptism of their friend’s daughter. They could not deny fate. A month later, Lisa went to visit Andrew in Myrtle Beach.

Back in New York their first date happened at a romantic steakhouse. It was perfect, everything Lisa could imagine.

Destiny kept calling their names and their relationship grew at a rapid pace. A little trip to Boldt Castle ended with Andrew down on one knee and Lisa’s breath being taken away.

Their magical day was perfected by a surprise engagement party with all their friends and family present.

Andrew and Lisa will tie the knot next November in the Dominican.

Congrats you two!


Durand Eastman Engagement, Rochester NY | Steven & Nicole

It was Eighth grade and time for math class. This was the scene where Nicole and Stephen first laid eyes on each other. The two instantly became friends as their best friends were dating and the four spent a ton of time together. That summer they decided to take their relationship to the next level. They dated for a few months and decided they were better off friends. While high school brought ups and downs, on’s and off’s to their romantic relationship, their ability to remain best friends never changed. Their days were filled with dances, a first kiss under the stars, and romantic gestures of flowers with teddy bears.

Soon it was time for college, and while they could not settle on a solid romance, they could not stay apart and frequently had to visit each other. Finally they decided to give each other another try. Fourth time is a charm, LOL. In April 2015 Stephen and Nicole purchase their home together. Not long after they adopted their dog Bo. On July 22, 2016 Stephen asked Nicole to take Bo for a walk with him. He wanted to go to the beach. Begrudgingly Nicole changed her clothes and agreed. After walking for a short while, Stephen sat down, he pulled out a photo book that he had made for Nicole. Photo books were not uncommon to them as they often made them to celebrate little milestones in the relationship. Nicole flipped through the book and coming to the last page she read “Will you marry me?” Stephen proceeded to one knee where he opened a box holding the most gorgeous ring. Nicole was breathless. A little ways down the beach stood their parents holding champagne. They celebrated a perfect commencement to a perfect friendship.

Nicole and Stephen will forever be joined next September.


Eagle Vale Golf Club Wedding | Rochester, NY | Ted & Lisa

Ted and Lisa are truly the shining example of sweetness. From the moment I met them their love for one another as well as their families just radiated. Their souls full of kindness and devotion. You could see the excitement pouring from them as we talked about their day and the plans they had in motion.

Their wedding day was no different. The Lord blessed them with a beautiful autumn day. The leaves and sun held a golden sparkle. The sunlight beamed gloriously through the stained glass windows as they united in holy matrimony.

Ted and Lisa said “i do” at the Greek Orthodox Church on South Ave in Rochester NY. The over joyed families celebrated the night away at Eagle Vale Golf Club. The evening was filled with fabulous entertainment provided by Turner Music Productions. The lovely flowers and center pieces flawlessly designed by Genesee Valley Florist and the festive cake was accompanied by an extravagant ice cream bar from Moonlight Creamery.

Ted and Lisa I wish you all the happiness in the world. May your lives be filled with constant joy and devotion to
each other.



Rustic Finger Lakes Wedding | Randy + Lindsay

The day was here. It was the day that had been anticipated by the bride for sometime. It was a day that was filled with bittersweet emotions.



Lindsay was overjoyed to have finally met her soul mate, but planning was held at an arms length with a bit of sorrow in her heart. Finally, the decision was made. The day that would begin the rest of their lives would be August 6, 2016, Her late mothers birthday. Amy may not be there in body, but in spirit, she was there for every moment of her daughters special day.


Lindsay and Randy had their small rustic wedding at a family home in Canandaigua NY. The barn nestled in the Finger Lakes was decorated with beautiful white chandeliers, old bottles, bistro lights, white picture frames and arrayed with elegant planters of flowers. Tree limbs were hung from the sides of the barn, the majestic horses peeked through the doors for a first hand look of the day’s events.


Amelia, Randy’s daughter, could not stop smiling and talking about “our wedding”. Her big eyes glared at the beautiful new member of her family. She stayed by Lindsay’s side for every step of the day.


The adorable new little family spent the night laughing, crying, dancing and embracing their closest friends and family.


Lindsay, Randy & Amelia, I pray the Lord will continue to bless your precious family, and marriage each and every day.



With all my love my dearest friend!



Hair & Make Up: Emily Chen & Megan Shapiro w/ Allora Salon and Spa
Flowers: Wegmans
Decor: The Bride


Happy 2nd Birthday to a Smooch

My sweet boy, today you turn two. I can not believe how fast the time has gone. I have tried my hardest to hold every little moment in my memory.

You are truly the greatest gift the Lord has granted to me. This year has been amazing on so many levels. You have learned to walk, run, jump, climb out of your crib…no more crib *sniff sniff. You learned to talk, color, dance…so many things in just one year. You are so full of life. So full of adventure. You test and try me everyday, and out of love I try my hardest to set boundaries for you, to teach you, train you.

Every night I thank God for you. I Pray that he will capture your little heart, even now, this very moment. I ask him to protect you from yourself. I ask that you grow deeply in love with him. I pray your passionate soul and stubborn will can be used greatly by him. You are so strong my little one. Such a blessing.

I know I fail you daily, but your sweet smile and laugh, give me assurance that my love for you outshines my failures. I can not wait to see what new adventures you will conquer this year. You bring such joy to our family. You have completed us and knit us close together.

Daddy, Kaiden, Ezra and I love you! Happy Birthday Smooch!


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Hindsight is 2015

Looking back over the last 365 days evoked a million different thoughts. I wanted to share my top 5 experiences that I found to be my wins.

1. Don’t Quit Your Day Job!
Irony is the word of my life. Every time I say “I’ll never!” Guess what happens…yup THAT happens. Well I said I would never stay at home and just days into becoming a new mom, I started begging and planning how to stay home with my little man. Being able to spend every moment with my son and experience every little milestone has been the greatest gift of my life.

2. Pursuing my passion again.
One of the conditions of leaving my “day job” was the stipulation that I would jump back into my photography. My wonderful husband pushed me to tackle my dream and come back full throttle. And while it was challenging to balance an infant, 2 school age children and practically a “re-launch”of my business, it was a challenge I needed and am grateful for having.


3. Learning contentment: Count my blessings, not my complaints.
Taking a pay cut and having more time on my hands allowed for endless moments of discontentment to roll in. I am a dweller and the moment a thought enters my mind, I can not let it go. One thing I am learning this year is to cultivate a consistent heart of thankfulness. It is a challenge and an ongoing battle to fight that little nagging voice. BUT by the grace of God, he is opening my eyes to all the abundant blessings he pours out on my family DAILY!


4. Joining D-group.
If I’m Being real than the truth is I don’t do social “church” things. Growing up in the church, especially as a pastor’s kid, has left me with a bad taste in my mouth. I have never cared what people thought of me and because of this it automatically gives me an “I’ll show you!” Attitude. I refuse to be subjected to people’s opinions of how I should or should not be conducting myself. Therefore I avoid “Christians” like the plague. And through “isolation” comes the hardening. With out constant fellowship comes no accountability. Without accountability comes slackness and excuses. I was dying and didn’t care.

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 9.39.39 PM

In October my girlfriend asked me to do a discipleship group with her and yes, I was skeptical, judgmental and carrying a straight up CRAP attitude. BUT through my repeated attendance the Lord used those ladies to begin softening my cold, stale heart. I’m learning what true Christian community is and what it means to do “life together” UNDER GRACE.

5. Brokenness and Revelation.
With D-group came the opportunity for a retreat. I didn’t really want to go but knew I desperately needed a break from my 24/7 mommy duties. I didn’t have the money, God provided. I didn’t want to leave my baby more than one night, my husband made me go. I went with attitudes of hostility and judgement, I left broken and in awe. For the first time in years I saw my savior. I saw the beautiful truth that had resurrected my soul years ago and the abundant grace that captivated my heart. I left with hope.


My year was not full of crazy excitements of finally attaining my big lofty goals. It was, however filled with many greatly needed baby steps to set me straight on my path. I am finally finding myself again as a creative, a mother, business owner and grace covered image-bearer of the most high. So looking back, I think I can successfully say 2015…#nailedit. I can’t wait to see what beautiful lessons and opportunities 2016 holds.