Cast Down, but Not Destroyed

Back in June I had the awesome opportunity to spend 5 days at Seamark Ranch just outside of Jacksonville Florida. Coming home to the middle of wedding season, and a full wedding that was shot in Port St. Joe Florida, I had to hit the ground running. SOOOOOOOOOOO I am just now getting to blog about my time at the ranch. Hope you enjoy my notes from my time there.

Day 1

I got into the ranch sunday evening. My weeks adventure started out by heading over to the girls home to celebrate two of the girls, Kaitlyn and Ashley’s birthday. We did cake and presents and I got a lovely tour of the home by the girls.

Day 2
Monday morning started off with heading over to the school to listen to the girls present their research projects. Later that afternoon I taught a 2 part photo session to the kids. After the lecture we were able to head on out in the field for some hands on shooting with the techniques we just learned.

Later that evening the girls came over for a spaghetti dinner by candle light in our “Italian bistro.” I was given the opportunity to really open up and share with the girls my testimony. After we headed on downstairs to watch part one of Anne of Avonly. We will be kicking off their Anne of Green Gables book club with a formal tea on Wednesday.

Day 3
Tuesday was a blessed day. I was able to start the day off with some wonderful, and much needed alone time with the Lord. Then it was off to school to have lunch with the kids and start session 2 of the photo conference. I downloaded all the photos off the kids memory cards and we went through one by one critiquing the students work. I was also able to show them the potential of “ok” images with some minor editing changes. The kids really enjoyed seeing their images come to life on the computer.

After school the girls headed over to Ms. Debbie’s house for a real photo session. The girls all looked so lovely dressed up.

After the photos it was off to the Y where I participated in one of the worst zumba classes ever.

Day 4

Wednesday was absolutely wonderful as we kicked off the summer reading program with a formal tea in honor of Anne of Avonlea.  All the girls looked spectacular in their evening gowns.

Day 5

Thursday morning was an absolute treat. We headed off to St. Augustine for an afternoon at the beach. While the rest of the week was super fun I must say I enjoyed this day the best….I love the ocean!

We had such a great time. My NY skin came back completely sunburned. We stopped on the way home for some afternoon ice cream…soon after which all the girls passed out in the back of the van 🙂 too much fun I think.

Later that night I had a fabulous time out with Ms. Debbie and Mr. Fred. It was so nice to spend time with them. What a truly sweet couple. The Lord is really using them mightily.

Well that is all from my trip….better late than never. Enjoy the photos!!!!


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