Price: You Get What You Pay For.

Unfortunately one of the biggest down falls to the perfect wedding is budget. Understandably so. We live in a society where we have to work very hard for our money. However, I personally believe that the biggest mistake you could make is cutting corners on photography. I often get calls or emails from brides dying to have me capture their wedding day. I meet the eager couple and after a fabulous consult they come back to me and say “You are too expensive. We got a great deal with someone else who threw in a ton of extras!”

While I am excited for this happy bride who got an amazing deal and now gets to keep her chair covers, I feel pity as I know in the end her expectations will most likely not be fulfilled. I’m not trying to in any way bash that other photographer, especially since we’ve all been there and need to start somewhere, but let’s face reality, today you get what you pay for.

I am not a photographer. Anyone can tilt heads together and press a button. I am an artist. I capture the art of your life and create an image that will last decades. My images, figuratively speaking, are the keepers of your soul. They show every smile, laugh, tear. They show you and the moments that you have carried with you throughout life.

Think of it this way. The paper is only the product on which the artistic image comes. The image is the story, legacy, and gift that is to be cherished. Those images do not belong to you. They belong to your grandchildren, your great grand children.

Remember: You get what you pay for.

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