Mark the Perfect Man

Yesterday was November 9, 2009. It’s hard to believe that yesterday marked the two year anniversary of my grandfathers death. It doesn’t seem real.

For me it was so hard to sit there and watch him die as the cancer ate up his body. While it was emotionally draining on my family we could not help but rejoice tremendously. He soon was going to meet his Lord. As the time drew closer and closer the promises of scripture became more and more real. As each new day approached so did his peace and longing to go Home. He would wake up and talk about the glorious vision he had. He would tell us of Jesus standing there saying “Not yet Bob, soon!” and with each day he would tell how Jesus was getting closer and closer to him in his visions.

While I have many wonderful memories of my grandfather, memories of learning to ride a bike with out training wheels, putting extra whipped cream on his ice cream cuz I knew how much he hated it, teaching me golf with plastic clubs…my favorite and I think longest lasting memory is and will always be days before he died. Here is my grandpa, Papou as we called him, laying in bed, barely able to lift his head or speak above a whisper. The room was so quiet as we were trying to make out what he was saying. Then suddenly with all the might he had within himself he yelled as loud as he could that “GOD IS FAITHFUL!” It still gives me goosebumps. Oh how I wan to go out like that. How I want my last breath to proclaim the faithfulness of God.

Two days before his death the Lord gave me a scripture. Psalm 37:37 “Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright, for the end of that man is peace.” The Lord was so faithful to fulfill that promise. My grandpa died early afternoon on Friday November 9, 2007. He died in complete peace with no pain from the cancer. He died in peace with his family around his bed worshiping and reading about the throne room of Christ out of Revelations. And in peace, he went to that throne room to meet for the first time his Prince of Peace and worship him in person, at His feet.

I miss you and Love you Papou!

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