When You ARE Just Too Old

Today I was enjoying lunch at Wendy’s with some of my favorite people. My girlfriend Adrea and I are in the middle of chatting, when in walks this dude that caught both of our attention mid sentence. This man was wearing one of the most ridiculouse multi colored hoodies known to man. Ya know the ones that you see in the store window of Zoomies and ask yourself “Honestly…who buys that?” Well he did! Not only did he buy it, but actually wore it out in public. However the highlight of all this was not the crazy colored hoodie made specifically for a 16 year, or the multi colored mohawk he was sporting. The icing on the cake was the fact that Mr. Peter Pan over there had to be over 60! He totally made my day. Although sad that I was unable to jump from my seat to photograph it, I must say ten points to you grandpa! Keep rock’n it!

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