t-minus 9hrs

Well, today was crazy! Lots of last minute running around. However after several hours of stressing, the bags are packed, food bought, music play lists made, and the GPS is ready to go! (Thanks Ray and Lizzy!)

Tomorrow morning I leave for my long awaited road-trip and my first ever destination wedding. I am so pumped. Not only am I super excited about getting to travel out of state for a wedding, but I am even more excited over the couple. The groom is an old high-school friend of mine. We were very close growing up. His family has been my second family for years. His mom was actually one of  my high school art teachers and played a huge inspiration in my choice to attend RIT for Graphic Design. The bride…SO SWEET! I love her! Jeremy could not have gotten a better girl.

I remember sitting at Leigha’s bridal shower and we were all having to answer these questions based on the two of them. One of the questions asked was “What does Jeremy love most about Leigha?” I knew with in a second, it is written all over this beautiful, brown, curly haired girl, her servants heart! And of course that was the answer. That’s how you know these two will make it. Their relationship is totally based upon the Lord first, and serving each-other second! WOW! I am so honored to be a part of their special day. LOVE YOU GUYS!

But back to my road trip! I really should get ready for bed. 4 am comes early. But stay posted! I will of course be documenting the whole trip, bags under the eyes, coffee in hand, and all that jazz. Peace out all!

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