Praying Through!

Well, 6 months down and now the the repayment period begins. Only one word comes to mind: AHHHHHHHHH! But it’s OK! God is in control. I must admit that I am surprised at how completely different everything is from what I imagined…key word there: “I”.

My goal was to move to NYC and land a editorial design job. Although now, six months later, I am starting to feel led in a completely opposite direction. A direction I swore I would never take…Photography, business and Rochester. I never wanted to pursue a career in photo, nor did I ever want to own/run my own business, let alone stay in Rochester. I think the Lord has other plans though. Through the craziness of the economy and hiring freeze the Lord has been ever faithful to answer my prayers for work. Even now as I’m getting down to the wire personal business has increased dramatically only weeks before repayment begins. God is so faithful! Even when I am faithless.

So what is the next move? I have no idea, but I’m starting to realize that it will probably involve photography (which is OK since I’m obsessed now) and eventually me taking the huge step out on my own, and yes, staying in Rochester. Whatever that means.

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